The Coloured Atlas of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Jordan and Their Uses (Volume Three)

This book introduces the second part of a collection of exquisite coloured photographs which illustrate diverse wild medicinal and aromatic plant species in Jordan. It discusses 279 species from 60 families recorded from 400m below sea level (in the Dead Sea and the Jordan valley) to 2000m above sea level (in the North), and from the deserts of al-Azraq and Wadi Rum in the East and the South to the lush, black soils in the North, and along the Jordan River and water channels in the West. Information on species taxonomy and botanical affiliation, chemical constituents, plant parts used in medication, medicinal and pharmacological importance, healing properties and uses in folk medicine is also presented. As such, the book is a valuable resource on diverse wild plant species of different growth habits and habitats used for culinary, health and other purposes.

Dr Jamal Ragheb Said Qasem is Professor of Weed Science (Weed Physiology and Ecology) at the Faculty of Agriculture of University of Jordan. He received his PhD in Plant Physiology/Weed Science from the University of London, UK. He has published more than 150 research papers and book chapters, and is the author of five textbooks. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Researcher Prize in Agricultural Sciences from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Research in 2010, and the founder of the International Allelopathy Society, the Asian Allelopathy Society, and the Near East Weed Science Society.

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