Studies in Linguistic Variation and Change 3: Corpus-based Research in English Syntax and Lexis

This volume brings together contributions tracing the complex paths of change taken by the English language in its long history, from its beginnings in Old English to the present day. It addresses issues in a variety of fields ranging from semantics and morphosyntax to the interface between syntax and phonology, using a number of different theoretical standpoints. As such, the text reflects a diversity of approaches to corpora, and will serve to improve the reader’s understanding of some of the many developments and alterations that have affected English. It will be of interest to all scholars and students working on the history of English, as well as students of historical linguistics in general.

Fabienne Toupin is Professor in English linguistics at the University of Tours, France. She specializes in English historical linguistics, and her research focuses on semantic change and grammaticalisation. Her most recent publication is “Practitioner from Instrument: A Metonymy in Names for Physicians in the History of English” in Anglica, an International Journal of English Studies (2018).

Sylvain Gatelais is a Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics at the University of Tours, France. His research focuses on the history of the English language, with special emphasis on prepositions. His PhD dissertation explored the semantics, syntax and history of the preposition ‘with’.

Ileana Sasu is an Associate Researcher at the Centre for Mediaeval Studies at the University of Poitiers, France. She specializes in philology, and her research focuses on mediaeval and early modern vernacular texts in translation. Her most recent publication is “Perfect Psalms for Perfect Men: The Use of Lollard Biblical Translations in Middle English Vernacular Preaching” in Vernacular Psalters and the Early Rise of Linguistic Identities (2019). Together with Dr Vladimir Agrigoroaei, she co-edits the journal of religious art and culture MUSEIKON.

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