Voting in Context: A Brief Economic History of American Politics

The economy is a key issue in every national election, and the US election of 2020 is no exception. Candidates campaign on economic miracles, but without context it can be difficult to distinguish the ideas that lead to a strong economy from those destined to fail. This book provides a concise guide to deciphering candidate proposals with straightforward, non-partisan descriptions of how the American economy functions, and why some ideas might make better sense than others.

Economics, in its most elegant form, is the study of cause and effect. By placing economic theories within their ideological context and describing how they have been applied throughout American history, this book lays the groundwork for an informed vote in future elections in support of the reader’s own economic interests.

A retired US Army colonel with over 30 years’ service, John Rogers holds graduate degrees in Management, Business Administration, and Business Economics. He is co-author and editor of The Changing Landscape of Global Businesses: Principles and Practices (2019), and is currently in the dissertation phase of his doctoral studies.

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Release Date: 11th November 2019

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