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The Concept of Time and Historical Experience

This book is focused on the question: does the event from which we extract historical experience acquire this status at the moment it occurs, or later as it is remembered through the generations? Historical experience is not a concept that facilitates the ascent of the historian to the fact – it is closely related to the fact. This does not make it easier to handle, because the fact itself is retractable; it hides its social (cultural) essence and meaning in time. The present of the historian (narrator) restores, as in an incessant change of perspective, the diachrony of the fact, looking for the present of the past fact. The experience suddenly becomes a relationship between two temporal actualities that seek their own cultural identity. From this perspective, history moves with us. The weight of the conceptualization of a past reality is given by the comprehensive weight (impossibility) of the fact (experience).

The work is about the philosophy of history. It is addressed to students, historians, and researchers in the field of the theory of history.

Mihai Popa has a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Bucharest, Romania, and a PhD in philosophy from the Romanian Academy. Presently, he is a researcher at the ‘’Constantin Radulescu-Motru’’ Philosophy and Psychology Institute of the Romanian Academy. He is also the author of: A. D. Xenopol ˗ filosof al istoriei (A. D. Xenopol –Philosopher of History), 2007; Timp şi istorie. Idei şi concepte din filosofia românească interbelică (Time and History. Ideas and Concepts of the Interwar Romanian Philosophy), 2011; Filosofia istoriei la Gh. I. Brătianu. Sinteză şi devenire istorică (History Philosophy in Gh. I. Brătianu’s Work. Synthesis and Historical Development), 2012; Știință și reprezentare în arta Renașterii (Science and Representation to the Renaissace Art), 2014; Antropologia poiesis (The Anthropology of Poiesis), 2019; Ideea de istorie. Concepte antropologice și de filosofia culturii (The Idea of History. Anthropological Concepts and Philosopy of Culture), 2022; and The Anthropology of Poiesis, 2022. He has published over 90 studies and articles in scientific journals.

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