On the Ugly: Aesthetic Exchanges

This study offers an original and innovative collection of fresh approaches to the investigation of the concept of ugliness. It is divided into three parts: the idea of ugliness; Kantian conceptions of the ugly; and ugliness and art. The papers in all three sections deal with problems in the way that aesthetics has understood the concept of the ugly, in aesthetic experience, in fine art, and in contrast with the beautiful. These are new papers from a range of scholars from diverse philosophical backgrounds, and use the most recent literature in their areas of expertise. There is no other book available that collects the latest research in this field, and, as such, it will be a key contribution to recent and growing theoretical interest in the place of the ugly in aesthetics.

Jane Forsey is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Winnipeg, Canada. She is the author of The Aesthetics of Design, the co-editor of On Taste: Aesthetic Exchanges, and has written numerous articles on philosophy and on aesthetics. The Possibility of the Sublime is a recent collection of critical responses to her work on the Sublime.

Professor Lars Aagaard-Mogensen’s numerous published works include Culture and Art and The Idea of the Museum, as well as more than 150 articles, reviews, and poetry in a wide variety of journals. After many years of teaching philosophy in the USA, including at Washington University in St. Louis and the School of Visual Arts in New York, he is now the Co-Founder and Director of Wassard Elea, a refugium for artists and scholars in Ascea, Italy, and editor of the journal Wassard Elea Rivista.

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