The Impact of Development on the Environment and Human Rights: A Study of Three Indian Projects

This book looks into the developmental policies that have been followed in India since independence and their impact on both the environment and human rights. It also explores some of the major theoretical discourses, and debates these topics and the responses large-scale developmental projects in India have elicited from marginalized sections of society. The book presents a synoptic view of how sustainable development in India may be attained, focusing on three controversial Indian developmental projects, namely the Narmada River Valley project, bauxite mining by Vedanta Resources in Orissa and Kudankulam nuclear power plant, taking these cases as representative of large-scale developmental projects laid out in India.

Arya Priya is pursuing his PhD in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India, having obtained his MA and MPhil in Sociology from the same institution. His recent publications include “Phenomenological Social Research: Some Observations from the Field” in Qualitative Research Journal, “Grounded Theory as a Strategy of Qualitative Research: An Attempt at Demystifying its Intricacies” in Sociological Bulletin, and “Ethnicity in Post-Independent India: A Sociological Perspective on its Causes and Manifestations” in IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.

“This book is an excellent read. The perspicacity and insight with which it has mapped out the complex and somewhat sticky interrelations among development, environment and human rights, by taking into account three large-scale development projects in India as representative cases, are truly laudable. A unique strength of the book is the range of sociological theories and current debates and discourses on development, environment and human rights it covers. The book is exhaustive in its sweep, lucid in its presentation, and penetrating in its analysis. I recommend this great endeavor of Arya Priya to all – whether an academic or a general reader.”
Prof. (Retd.) Anand Kumar
Department of Sociology
Jawaharlal Nehru University

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