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    "[Engaging Art: Essays and Interviews from Around the Globe is a] collection of astonishing scope, Roslyn Bernstein delves into archives, exhibits, the built environment, and the lively characters who create them. She keenly engages the creativity that enriches, probes, and inspires the world."

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Technophysiology, or How Technology Modifies the Self

In an increasingly technology-driven world, our bodies undergo profound transformations that go well beyond the obvious effects on our posture and musculature. This book explores how devices actually shape our bodies, from hormonal systems to brain organization, immune function, and metabolism. Understanding the ways in which devices affect our bodies has become imperative in today's society. Backed by a wealth of scientific research spanning the past two decades, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of the disorders and shifts that have emerged as a result of technology: from addictions and pathologies to newfound needs. Moreover, it unveils the societal changes brought about by new technologies. The book was written with both scholars of philosophy, anthropology, medicine, technology, human sciences and natural sciences and general readers in mind.

Roberto Marchesini is Director of the School of Human-Animal Interactions and the Center for the Study of Posthumanist Philosophy, both based in Bologna, Italy. He collaborated with the World Phenomenology Institute in Boston and has published several essays in Analecta Husserliana. He is the author of Over the human. Post-humanism and the Concept of Animal Epiphany (2017), The Philosophical Ethology of Roberto Marchesini (2017), Dialogo Ergo Sum. My Pathway into Posthumanities (2018), Beyond Anthropocentrism (2018), Philosophical Ethology and Animal Subjectivity, in Animality in Contemporary Italian Philosophy edited by Felice Cimatti and Carlo Salzani (2020), The Virus Paradigm (2021), Critical Ethology and Post-Anthropocentric Ethics with Marco Celentano (2021), and The Creative Animal: How Every Animal Builds its Own Existence (2022).

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