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    "[Engaging Art: Essays and Interviews from Around the Globe is a] collection of astonishing scope, Roslyn Bernstein delves into archives, exhibits, the built environment, and the lively characters who create them. She keenly engages the creativity that enriches, probes, and inspires the world."

    - Alisa Solomon, Columbia University, USA

Baltic Postcolonial Narratives: Literature and Power

This book offers an in-depth discussion of how postcolonialism entered the Baltic cultural and literary domain and what difficulties it had, and often still has, to face while encountering local and international cultural and literary discourses. Initially viewed as entirely alien to the Baltic (as well as Eastern European) academic milieu, postcolonial studies have recently started to overcome previous academic prejudices and take shape in this part of the world.

This study provides timely insights into Lithuanian prose writing and analyzes some of Lithuania’s best postcolonial literary texts. The author examines novels written during the last decade of the Soviet period as well as some more recent writings produced in the post-Soviet era. The book will be useful to cultural historians and literary scholars interested in the past and present of Eastern European and Baltic cultures and societies.

Dr Almantas Samalavičius is an architectural and literary scholar and researcher. He is currently Professor of Architectural Aesthetics and Criticism at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania and simultaneously an adjunct professor in the English Department at Vilnius University, Lithuania, where he teaches graduate seminars in cultural, postcolonial, and media studies. He is the author of more than two dozen monographs, collections of scholarly essays, and edited volumes, including The Dedalus Book of Lithuanian Literature (2013), Neoliberalism, Economism and Higher Education (2018), and Lithuanian Architecture and Urbanism (2019). He has been a visiting professor in the USA, Europe, and Asia and served several terms as the President of Lithuanian PEN.

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