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The Unit Problem and Other Current Topics in Business Survey Methodology

This volume brings together a selection of papers presented at the 2017 European Establishment Statistics Workshop, which have been revised and expanded here. Several contributions will serve to deepen the reader’s understanding of the unit problem in business statistics, while further chapters showcase recent advances in business survey methodology and practice in areas such as linking and data integration, sampling and estimation, data collection from businesses, measurement and mitigation of response burden in business surveys, among others.

Written by leading experts in business statistics, the volume offers detailed and up-to-date findings to survey methodologists and practitioners working with business statistics. It will also be useful for readers in official statistics, academia and the private sector.

Boris Lorenc is a survey methodology consultant in Tallinn, Estonia. He worked at Statistics Sweden as a senior methodologist, methodology architect and measurement methodologist, and has taught survey methodology and qualitative methods at universities and led survey projects in the private sector. He is a former Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Official Statistics.

Paul A. Smith is Associate Professor in Official Statistics at the University of Southampton, UK. He has extensive experience with business statistics in the UK and internationally, and was editor for the special issue of the Journal of Official Statistics devoted to papers from the Fourth International Conference on Establishment Surveys.

Mojca Bavdaž is Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has a long-lasting research interest in the field of official statistics, focusing on business survey methodology and economic statistics. She is a board member of the European Master in Official Statistics.

Gustav Haraldsen is a Senior Advisor in the Division for Methods at Statistics Norway, having previously led the Division for Interviews and the Division for Data Collection Methods. He is a co-author of How to Design and Conduct Business Surveys (2013) and author of the most comprehensive survey methodology textbook in Norwegian.

Desislava Nedyalkova is an expert methodologist at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. She has specialized in different domains of survey sampling, particularly design and model-based inference, coordination of samples and managing response burden, as well as income distributions and measuring inequality.

Li-Chun Zhang is Professor of Social Statistics at the University of Southampton, UK. He is also Senior Researcher at Statistics Norway and Professor of Official Statistics at the University of Oslo. He has worked and published on a wide range of topics in official statistics.

Thomas Zimmermann is an Advisor in the Department of Mathematical-Statistical Methods of the German Federal Statistical Office. His research interests lie in the area of sampling design and estimation in business surveys.

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Mojca Bavdaž

Irena Bolko

Harm Jan Boonstra

Jorge Camões

José Cervera-Ferri

Catherine Deshaies-Moreault

Arnaud Fizzala

Emmanuel Gros

Olivier Haag

Gustav Haraldsen

Brett Harper

Daniela Ichim

Johan Lammers

Yulian Lanners

Ronan Le Gleut

Boris Lorenc

Kai Lorentz

Mojca Noč Razinger

Anders Norberg

Magnus Ohlsson

Sven Schmiedel

Ian Sidney

Marc Smeets

Paul A. Smith

Jordan Stewart

Roland Sturm

Emma Timm

Arnout van Delden

José Vila

Wesley Yung

Li-Chun Zhang

Thomas Zimmermann

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