Psychology and Psychotherapy in the Perspective of Christian Anthropology

A view of human nature generally forms part of the assumptions that undergird psychological theories and psychotherapeutic approaches. In this book, Christian anthropology is articulated as a foundation for the theories, approaches and techniques applied in practice by its contributors. Various essays from European-based practitioners in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and counselling are included here. These authors draw scientific knowledge from the fields of psychology and psychotherapy, focusing on intra-psychic aspects of human functioning, such as emotions, drives and cognitions, as well as interpersonal and eco-systemic functioning. In addition to this, the authors consider spirituality as an intrinsic part of humanity through which persons seek meaning and transcendence and that influences physical and mental health. Spiritual insight is gained from the field of theology with specific reference to the Christian faith tradition. As a wide range of topics, contexts and cultural and ecumenical backgrounds are covered in this book many practitioners in mental health care and counselling should benefit from the knowledge, ideas and practical experience shared here.

Professor Nicolene L. Joubert is a psychologist and trauma therapist who holds a PhD in psychology and is the founder and head of the Institute of Christian Psychology in South Africa ( She also holds a master’s degree in online and distance education. She has been a practising psychologist for 35 years and is a postgraduate supervisor at the South African Theological Seminary. Her research interests are in the fields of trauma therapy, dissociative disorders and the integration of spirituality and psychology.

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Mar Alvarez-Segura

Francesco Cutino

Trevor Griffiths

Romuald Jaworski

Saara Kinnunen

Olga Krasnikova

Andrey Lorgus

Werner May

Anna Ostaszewska

Mike Sheldon

Wolfram Soldan

Krzysztof Wojcieszek

Olena Yaremko

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