Christian Mind in the Emerging World: Faith Integration in Asian Contexts and Global Perspectives

In response to challenges from the emerging world, this book brings together essays that discuss and exemplify various related approaches to academic faith integration and explore how Christian faith should underpin, scaffold, and frame our understanding of academic disciplines, leading to practical implications for work or action in modern society and culture. Written by Christian scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds including the USA, the UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the Philippines, the contributions here all contribute a global perspective while addressing some specific issue or case in the context of Asia. They represent ingenious endeavors that illustrate the workings of a faith-integrated approach in domains as wide as higher education, business, science, psychology and counseling, politics, environment, media, social services, leadership, research, and technology. This volume will inform and inspire the reader into cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary studies particularly of religion, education, culture, society, and worldview.

Peter Tze Ming Ng served as Professor at the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong for 23 years. He has authored over 100 academic articles in publications such as Journal of Christian Higher Education; Journal of World Christianity; Studies in World Christianity; Cahiers d’Extreme-Asie; International Journal of Public Theology; Religious Education; and Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology. He is currently a Senior Researcher at Lumina College, Hong Kong.

Wing Tai Leung is the Founding President of Lumina College. With over 40 years of professional experience in media, culture, communication and youth, he is an Honorary Fellow of Hong Kong City University and the author of 10 books.

Vaughan King Tong Mak is Head of Academic Programmes at Lumina College. Previously with Hong Kong Baptist University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he has published reviews of various linguistic works and is a trained Christian Counselor.

“Lumina College in Hong Kong brought scholars together one year ago on Christian higher education in Asian and global contexts. Papers from the conference were combined with other scholarship in the region to produce within a year this rich volume […] This book certainly shows thinking Christianity. […]This volume has value to Christian scholars in Asia who teach and work in secular universities, as well as academic leaders of Christian colleges and uni-versities who seek to give witness to their students and colleagues how faith and learning can live creatively together. The take-away might be that love is the heart of Christian scholarship. In a world of so much scholarship produced without heart and with little obvious purpose, it [is] refreshing to discover how the God-factor can make such a difference.”
Glenn Shrive
The Chinese University of Hong Kong; International Journal of Asian Christianity, 2 (2019)

“Attending to these papers can add breadth and depth to academic and other work in mission. The papers offer Asian perspectives and practices to support and challenge faith integration around the globe. The conference was—and the book is—a significant opportunity to consider why and how to do mission and witness in a world different from the one I and most of us have known. This is a resource for Christian thinking as our world continues to take new forms.”
Rev Dr Rich Carter
Lutheran Mission Matters, 27:2, November, 2019

Dennis Feaster

Bing Xu

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