Selected Studies on Social Sciences

This collection of essays explores educational issues confronting educators and researchers from various disciplines. They are grouped into four sections, with the first, “Business Economics and Management”, discussing concepts such as contemporary urban theories, multiculturalism and the informal economy. The second section, “Linguistics and Literature”, encompasses topics such as Russian-Chinese bilingualism and training in Russian phraseology for foreigners. The third section, “Education” considers issues such as language teaching and use of learning cycle model and the Socratic Seminar Technique. The fourth section, “History and Geography”, looks at history education, historical consciousness, and cultural geography. This book will mainly appeal to educators, researchers, and students involved in social sciences.

Dr Ahmet Kırkkılıç is a Professor of Educational Sciences at Ataturk University, Turkey. He has published a number of academic books and chapters. His research interests are Turkish education and Turkish literature.

Dr Enes Emre Başar received a PhD in Production Management and Marketing from Atatürk University, Turkey. He has written and edited a number of academic books, and he is currently conducting a research and development project supported by the Turkish government.

Dr Yusuf Söylemez is an Assistant Professor of Turkish Language and Literature in the Faculty of Science and Literature at Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University, Turkey. His research interests are language education, teaching of Turkish, literature, critical thinking, scale development and discourse analysis.

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