Parables and Riddles in Ancient and Modern Teaching: Achilles, a Hare and Two Tortoises

This book is about the difference between parables and riddles, and between different views and definitions of wisdom and various attitudes towards the possibility of its attainment. Both parables and riddles go beyond a simple rote presentation of facts, which may become tedious and likely to be tuned out or rejected. However, there is a major difference between the two. Parables are a dominant form of transmission of information in biblical writings, while riddles dominate those of ancient Greece. Parables transmit an underlying, useful life-message in a way that will not be rejected. Riddles, in contrast, are largely unintelligible, leaving one helpless, unable to derive any life-lesson. This book will be of intellectual value to educators, writers, therapists, story-tellers, clergy, and classicists, as well as anyone interested in the implications of ancient views of wisdom for modern education.

Kalman J. Kaplan, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Adjunct Professor at Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning and Leadership, USA, and Fellow in the American Psychological Association. He was awarded a start-up grant from The John Templeton Foundation and a Fulbright International Fellowship to develop an online program in Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health in America and Israel. His publications include TILT: Teaching Individuals to Live Together (1998); Living with Schizophrenia (1997); Living Biblically: Ten Guides for Fulfilment and Happiness (2012); In the Beginning: Biblical Sparks for a Child’s Week (2013); Oedipus in Jerusalem (2015); Biblical Psychotherapy: Reclaiming Scriptural Narratives for Positive Psychology and Suicide Prevention (2017); and Oedipus Redeemed (2019), among others.

Matthew B. Schwartz, PhD, specializes in Greek and Roman civilizations and biblical-rabbinic thought at Wayne State University, USA and at Lawrence Technological University, USA. His publications with Dr Kaplan include The Family: Biblical and Psychological Foundations (1984); Jewish Approaches to Suicide, Martyrdom and Euthanasia (1998); Biblical Stories for Psychotherapy and Counselling (2004); The Fruit of Her Hands: A Psychology of Biblical Woman (2007); A Psychology of Hope: A Biblical Response to Tragedy and Suicide (2008); and Politics in the Hebrew Bible: God, Man and Government (2013), among others.

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