The Unexpected Garden Pharmacy

The Unexpected Garden Pharmacy

This book explores the medicinal (and broadly cultural) use of selected plants, covering 11 species of trees and 12 species of shrubs. Most of these species are native African plants, but some now have worldwide distribution. The description of each species provides details of their botanical characteristics, common names, distribution, traditional medical use, phytochemical characteristics, biological activity and clinical results, culinary usage, and planting and care. The book then proposes unique and original medical usages for these plants. As such, this text is an absolutely essential reference for medical practitioners interested in natural remedies.

Marek R. LipiƄski is a scientist at Rhodes University, South Africa. He is an active member of the Botanical Society of South Africa, but his publication record mainly concerns zoology and biological oceanography. He has described six new species of cephalopods, authored a chapter on cephalopods in Zoology, and has published close to 200 papers concerning biological oceanography. He is also the author of the book What Would You Like to Know? Last Will of a Biologist (2019).

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