Florentine Festivals from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age and their Relationship with Art

This volume retraces the history, art and culture of the city of Florence through three unique festivities: the festival of New Year ab Incarnatione Domini and those celebrating the figures of Saint Anne and of Saint Reparata. All these festivals with their sacred connotations have been characterised, since ancient times, by political, civic or secular values.

As Florentine citizens, curious about the world and in love with our city, the authors would like to underline how these values have continued to be vigorously represented up to the present day in new forms, and have also contributed to forming the distinctive character of the city of the lily. In this book, the reader will find both very famous and lesser-known artists and works of art that will allow them to better understand the history of this Tuscan city.

Anita Valentini received her degree in modern literature and art history, from the University of Florence, Italy. She is a high school teacher of art history, President of the ModoFiorentino Cultural Association, historian and art critic, specializing in Florentine art. She is the author of L’iconografia fiorentina di Sant’Anna. La festa del 26 luglio (1998), and I “fochi” di san Giovanni. La festa del patrono a Firenze (2006).

Maria Giulia Cantuti Castelvetri received her degree in foreign languages and literatures from the University of Pisa, Italy and her master’s degree in languages for communication in international enterprises from University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. She then became an interpreter and translator at the Istituto Carlo Bo, Florence. As a member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters, she works as translator of art catalogues for contemporary art exhibitions and auction houses in Florence. She has also been a high school English teacher since 2016.

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