Bioregion and Indigeneity in Literary Imagination

Bioregion and Indigeneity in Literary Imagination

This book highlights the representation of the interface between nature and culture in literary texts, and argues that bioregional exegesis of indigenous literatures sensitizes us to place-based cultural nuances, and can contribute to alleviating the eco-cultural apartheid of the modern era. Though the bioregional concept has been in vogue since 1970s, it has not been adequately adopted into the field of literary criticism. This book is a comprehensive study on the concept of the bioregion, and is distinctive in three ways. Firstly, it argues that the bioregional concept, hitherto used as a socio-political tool, can be theorized as an ecocritical tool to employ when reading literary works. Secondly, it provides a detailed analysis of the concept of bioregion, marking out its characteristic features. Thirdly, in choosing to deal with Aboriginal plays, the book again exhibits its distinctiveness, in demonstrating how ecocritical concepts, which hitherto have focused primarily on prose fictional works, can be extended to magnify the scope of plays and performances.

Aleena Manoharan is an Assistant Professor of English at CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala, India where she teaches courses on literary theory, literary criticism, and European and American literatures. She holds a PhD in English from the University of Madras, and her research interests include Ecocriticism, Australian Literature and Bioregional Studies, subjects on which she has several publications. Her most recent work is the translation of two essays in the book Ecocriticism in Malayalam. She has delivered several keynote lectures and plenary talks on Ecocriticism and Australian literature. She has also presented papers at national and international conferences, both in India and abroad, and has been a part of the peer review-panel of International Journal of Fear Studies, hosted by the University of Calgary, Canada.

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