Leadership, Ethics, and Trust

The 21st century has seen leaders of all types failing in their efforts to earn the respect, trust, and confidence of their employees, customers, and society. This unique book explains how and why leaders fail to earn the trust of others and why ethics, integrity, and moral behaviour are so critically important for leaders of today and tomorrow. More importantly, it also provides a perspective for helping leaders to understand how they can earn the trust, followership, commitment, and extra-role behaviour so critical for success in today’s globally competitive work world.

Cam Caldwell received a PhD from Washington State University in 2004, having been a Thomas S. Foley Graduate Fellow at the institution. As a doctoral candidate, he co-authored a paper cited by BOSS Financial Review as one of the six “best articles on leadership from the past ten years.” Prior to earning his PhD, he worked for many years as a Management Consultant, Human Resource Director, and City Manager. He has published more than 100 scholarly publications about leadership and ethics, and has introduced many new concepts to the leadership field. He is a certified Covey Leadership Trainer and holds both the Senior Professional and Global Professional practitioner certifications in human resource management. He served as a missionary in Australia for two years. This is his sixth book.

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Release Date: 15th August 2018

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