Business Essentials

This book is for the next generation of leaders in business, industry and society, for whom it is important to know where wealth and jobs come from, how the government generates tax revenue and the principles which help society function best.

It assumes no prior business knowledge, starting with foundational principles and plunges into important issues in business. It explores questions such as: What is the nature of leadership? What is entrepreneurship? What can financial analysis reveal? How can big data and analytics be used? What strategies are available?

Every chapter lists learning objectives allowing the reader to know what to expect. Emphasis boxes throughout the text summarize concepts and provide additional examples. The book assumes no math beyond algebra, but develops quantitative tools through seventy worked equations. Each chapter has a Terms and Concepts section for reference and review. Chapter appendices provide practical information on networking, negotiation, professional dress, consulting, employment, and challenging statistics.

David Vance holds an MBA and a JD, and is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers University School of Business Camden, USA. He has also worked as a certified public accountant, corporate controller, chief financial officer, trial attorney and naval officer. His previous publications include Corporate Restructuring, Raising Capital, Financial Analysis and Decision Making, and Ratios for Analysis, Control and Profit Planning. He is also the author of several academic, peer-reviewed articles in the areas of accounting, law and tax.

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