Early Football Professionalism in Sheffield: Following the Money

Early Football Professionalism in Sheffield: Following the Money

Over the past two decades, academic, sociological and historical writing on football has blossomed. This book adds to that debate, providing more information on early professionalism in Sheffield.

Professional football in England has always been linked to the importation of players from other regions - largely, Scotland - to East Lancashire by the likes of Preston North End and Burnley. However, the first stages of importation took place in Sheffield. This trend has been touched on in articles on the subject, but has never been subjected to in-depth study in a book-length manuscript before.

As well as introducing academic theories regarding football professionalism in the text, the narrative will focus on the careers of individuals in the city who were heavily involved with the process, illustrating their lifestyles, reactions and general participation in the early payment of footballers.

Graham Curry served as Head of Physical Education at Tuxford Academy, UK for thirty years, gaining his PhD at the University of Leicester in 2001. Over the past two decades, he has written extensively on the sociology and history of association football, often concentrating on the early footballing subculture in Sheffield. Most importantly, he has produced, firstly with Eric Dunning, the wide-ranging Association Football: A Study in Figurational Sociology, acted as sole editor of The Early Development of Football: Contemporary Debates and completed the thought-provoking The Making of Association Football: Two Decades which Created the Modern Game.

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