Historical Background of the Karabakh Conflict and Shusha, the Cultural Capital

This book is divided into three parts, and it sheds light on the history of Karabakh, which is an integral part of Azerbaijan, through archival documents. The first part covers developments up until the final years of the Soviet Union, while the second part examines the post-Cold War era. The final section of the book focuses on Shusha, the cultural capital and the heart of Karabakh, and delves into the history and architecture of the city.

Professor Vefa Kurban is a faculty member at the Institute of Turkish World Studies at Ege University. Kurban currently serves as the head of the Department of Social, Economic, and Political Relations at the Institute. Kurban has written several articles on South Caucasus, Turkey-Soviet relations and Turkey-Russia relations, and she has published several books, including Russian-Turkish Relations from the First World War to the Present, Russia’s Turkey Policy during the Putin Era, History of USSR, The Caucasus Policy of Russia in the Early 21st Century: Internal and External Dynamics, The Nobel Family, Nobel Prizes and Baku Petroleum, among others.

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