Food Sovereignty and Land Grabbing

This book focuses on the relationship between food sovereignty and land grabbing. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the book deals with various aspects concerning the rush for land, and the subsequent popular and indigenous resistance in different parts of the world. Each contribution deals with a specific case study, shedding light on central issues surrounding extractivism and resistance by local and indigenous communities. This volume is an editorial project born “from below” – more specifically, during an intense cultural exchange among people coming from many countries, such as the Netherlands, the USA, Brazil, the UK, and Italy. In this sense, the book serves to problematize food sovereignty from many perspectives, and is an example of a new pedagogical approach to research.

Gabriele Proglio is an associate professor of modern and contemporary history at the University of Gastronomic Sciences (Italy). He is an oral and cultural historian. His topics of interest include the history of the Mediterranean; memories and heritages; and the colonial past and postcolonial conditions. His publications include: Black Mediterranean (2021); Debordering Europe. Movements and Control Across the Ventimiglia Region (2021); The Horn of Africa Diasporas in Italy. An Oral History (2020); Mobility of Memory Across European Borders (2020); and Decolonising the Mediterranean (2017).

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Sara Adriano

Maddalena Castellani

Mallory Cerkleski

Jeovana Santos Nascimento

Johanna Margaretha van Beuningen

Vivian Whitney

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