Sensorimotor Modulation of Mood and Depression

Depression is one of the most prevalent and devastating psychopathologies humanity faces with no algorithmic cure based on the present pharmacotheraputic techniques and exclusively central approach to its pathogenesis and therapy. This book provides strong evidence that a comprehensive assessment of both the etiology and therapeutics of depression requires an integrative view of how affect and mood are modulated by both peripheral and central affective mechanisms. Specifically, sensorimotor stimulation via the five sensory modalities (vision, audition, olfaction, touch and gustation), as well as the motor system, is capable of modulating mood and depression. This means that, depending on several parameters, peripheral, bottom-up sensorimotor stimulation can have the diametrically opposite effects of alleviating or aggravating mood and depression in humans and animals. Moreover, depression, in turn, can modulate sensorimotor function mostly in the negative direction, impairing sensory processing, as well as motor behavior, further complicating the depressive state.

Resit Canbeyli, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Bogazici University, Turkey, where he established the Psychobiology Laboratory, which he headed for over 20 years. Using a rat model of depression, behavioral despair, Canbeyli’s team established, for the first time, the involvement of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (the ‘biological clock’) and the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in depression-like behavior. He has authored three major papers on the mood modulatory effects of sensorimotor stimulation via the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and gustatory modalities and physical exercise, emphasizing the essential contribution of peripheral stimulation to our understanding of the pathogenesis and therapeutics of depression.

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