New Journeys in Iberian Studies: A (Trans-)National and (Trans-)Regional Exploration

The research collected in this volume consists of 18 chapters which explore a number of key areas of investigation in contemporary Iberian studies. As the title suggests, there is a strong emphasis on trans-national and trans-regional approaches to the subject area, reflecting current discourse and scholarship, but the contributions are not limited by these approaches and include an eclectic range of recent work by scholars of history, politics, literature, the visual arts and cultural and social studies, often working in transdisciplinary ways. The geographical scope of the transnational processes considered range from intra-Iberian interconnections to those with the UK, Italy and Morocco, as well as transatlantic influences between the Peninsula and Argentina, Cuba and Brazil. The book opens up some pioneering new directions in research in Iberian studies, as well as variety of fresh approaches to hitherto neglected aspects of more familiar issues.

Dr Mark Gant is Head of Modern Languages at the University of Chester, UK, and is currently the Chair of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies. He has published The Spanish Writer and Publisher, Carlos Frontaura: A Study of his Social Influence and Ideology (2012) and was co-editor of Melodies, Rhythms and Cognition in Foreign Language Learning (2016).

Paco Ruzzante is a PhD student at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, where he researches transnational influences on the creation of the Mediterranean welfare systems of Italy and Spain. He is the author of The Girl Who Didn’t Want to Be Found [La ragazza che non voleva essere trovata] (2010).

Anneliese Hatton is a PhD student at the University of Nottingham, UK, where she researches representations of Portuguese identity in the novels of Valter Hugo Mãe. She is the author of “Mysterious Forces and Mário de Carvalho” and translator of the short stories “Fixing the World” and “The Devil’s Declarations Three” in Storytelling: Memory, Love and Loss in Portuguese Short Fiction (2016).

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Nathaniel Andrews

Ana Asión Suñer

Durba Banerjee

Holly Foss

Annarita Gori

Julio Andres Gracia Lana

Deirdre Kelly

Roncesvalles Labiano

Manuel Lopez Forjas

Maria Teresa Navarrete Navarrete

Cristina Perez Valverde

Cindy Pinhal

Stephen Rainbird

Claudia Rio Doce

Susana Rocha Relvas

Paco Ruzzante

João Santana da Silva

Nick Sharman

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