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    "[Genetically Modified Organisms: A Scientific-Political Dialogue on a Meaningless Meme] is an excellent book presenting a very strong case for abandoning the acronym GMO. It will be extremely helpful to scholars and educators in developing countries who need to persuade their populace and politicians to adopt modern methods to reap the benefits of more nutritious foods and greatly improved yields."

    - Sir Richard J. Roberts, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology

Dictionary of Digital Pictograms and Glossary for Internet Use and Portable Telephones

This book explores the new language of the Internet which offers a middle ground between expressiveness and speed. It also reports on innovative lexicographic practices. Internet users want their written communication to be as fast as that present in oral exchanges; they also want to convey feelings and emotions, and for that they use pictographic symbols. This new system proceeds from the same construction that presided over the establishment of hieroglyphs and ideograms, namely the initialization of semantic fields from basic graphs. Is this not a re-appropriation of ancient know-how? In the long run, will this virtual society, composed of a sum of individuals aggregated around playful projects, not be the necessary counter-power to more and more bureaucratic societal systems? Would this system move beyond the virtual to penetrate the real?

Marcienne Martin holds a PhD in Language Sciences, and is currently Associate Researcher at the Oracle Laboratory at the University of Reunion Island. She has lectured on onomastics and ICT across the globe, and has written various articles related to these research areas. She is the author of a number of books, including Le pseudonyme sur Internet, une nomination située au carrefour de l’anonymat et de la sphère privée (2006); Le langage sur l’Internet, un savoir-faire ancien numérisé (2007); Des humains quasi objets et des objets quasi humains (2009); Voix ferrées par l’ombre (2009); Dictionnaire des pictogrammes numériques et du lexique en usage sur Internet et sur les téléphones portable (2010); De la communication à travers langue et univers médiatiques (2011); Se nommer pour exister – L’exemple du pseudonyme sur Internet (2012); and La nomination dans l’art - Étude des œuvres de Mircea Bochis, peintre et sculpteur (2017).

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