Undisciplining Dance in Nine Movements and Eight Stumbles

If much of what we teach and come to know from within the disciplinary regime of Dance Studies is founded on a certain kind of mastery, what scope is there to challenge, criticize and undo this knowledge from within the academy, as well as through productive encounters with its margins?

This volume contributes to a growing discourse on the potential of dance and dancers to affect change, politics and situational awareness, as well as to traverse disciplinary boundaries. It ‘undisciplines’ academic thinking through its organisation into ‘movements’ and ‘stumbles’, reinforcing its theme through its structure as well as its content, addressing contemporary dance and performance practices and pedagogies from a range of research perspectives and registers.

Turbulent and vertiginous events on the world stage necessitate new ways of thinking and acting. This book makes strides towards a new kind of research which creates alternative modes for perceiving, experiencing and making. Through writings and images, its contributions offer different perspectives on how to rethink disciplinarity through choreographic practices, somatics, a reimagining of dance techniques, indigenous ontologies, choreopolitics, critical dance pedagogies and visual performance languages.

Carol Brown is a performer, choreographer, writer and teacher who creates inter-disciplinary performances that generate sensory encounters between spaces, times and agencies. Her work has been presented internationally, including with Roma Europa, Brighton Festival, Dance Umbrella, Ars Electronica and the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts. She received an MA and a PhD in Dance Studies from the University of Surrey, UK. Her writing can be found in dance and performance journals and as chapters in various books, including the Routledge Dance Studies Reader and Moving Sites. She is an Associate Professor in Dance Studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Alys Longley is a performance maker, writer, and teacher who is interested in translation and mistranslation in creative practice and collaboration; choreography, theatre, creative writing, critical writing, poetry, art-science interdisciplinary practice. Her publications include The Foreign Language of Motion (2014) and Radio Strainer (2016). She is a Senior Lecturer in Dance Studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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