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Diversity in Australia’s Music: Themes Past, Present, and for the Future

This volume showcases academic research into the rich diversity of music in Australia from colonial times to the present. Starting with an overview of developments during the past 50 years, the contributions discuss Western and non-western genres (opera, film, dance, choral, chamber); the history of music-making in particular cosmopolitan and regional centres (Canberra, Brisbane, the Hunter Valley, Alice Springs); old, new, and experimental compositions; and a variety of performers and ensembles active at particular points in time. In addition, cultural tropes and music as social practice are also explored, providing a rich tapestry of music and music-making in the country. The volume thus serves as a model for representing and approaching multicultural musical societies in an inclusive and comprehensive manner.

Dorottya Fabian is Fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities and Professor of Music at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, where she has been lecturing since the early 1990s. She investigates the history and aesthetics of western classical music performance as evidenced in sound recordings and written documents. Her publications include two monographs on the early music movement and historical performance practice in J.S. Bach’s music, over 30 academic papers, and an edited volume on expressiveness in music performance.

John Napier is Senior Lecturer in Musicology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. His research focuses on classical and folk traditions of India, and includes They Sing the Wedding of God, a monograph on mendicant musicians in Rajasthan. His performance activity includes substantial work with South Asian musicians and dancers, and also informs his research.

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Peter Campbell

Samantha Dieckmann

Helen English

Cornelis Fulhler

Vincent Giles

Cat Hope

Graeme Jennings

Linda Kouvaras

Johnny Milner

John Napier

Peter Roennfeldt

Janice B. Stockigt

David Symons

Adam Trainer

Elizabeth Welsh

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