Towards a Complex Model of Interpretation of Recognition: The Sense of Belonging

Seeing yourself, or an Other, and then recognizing them are activities of enormous complexity. From these processes we experience belonging, which in a bureaucratic sense this is analogous with citizenship, and in a broader sense, inclusion or exclusion. As long as identity springs from all kinds of social interactions, there exists a chance to create an inclusive community. This book will make clear, through case studies of migrants, that when peoples are perceived as possessing a radical Otherness, there is a high risk of exclusion if not aggression. In a rejection of the prevalent individualistic perspectives, this book pulls all of the scattered puzzle pieces back together. Through the process of clarifying misrecognition and its subsequent dehumanization, it will be possible to think about a shared and fairer society.

Isabella Corvino teaches Sociology at the University of Perugia, Italy. She received her PhD from the University of Bologna, after starting her career as a researcher of international cooperation and development studies in the field. Over the past 10 years, she has carried out research on recognition, otherness, belonging and gender, specifically from a sociological perspective.

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