Edgar Allan Poe across Disciplines, Genres and Languages

This collection of essays, which rediscovers Edgar Allan Poe’s not forgotten lore, comprises a two-headed scholarly body, drawing from communication and linguistics and literature, although it also includes many other academic offshoots which explore Poe’s labyrinthine and variegated imagination.

The papers are classified according to two main domains, namely: (I) Edgar Allan Poe in Language, Literature and Translation Studies, and (II) Edgar Allan Poe in Communication and the Arts.

In short, this book combines rigour and modernity and pays homage, with a fresh outlook, to Poe’s extra-ordinary originality and brilliant weirdness which prompted renowned authors like James Russell Lowell and Howard P. Lovecraft to claim, respectively, that “Mr. Poe has that indescribable something which men have agreed to call genius” and that “Poe’s tales possess an almost absolute perfection of artistic form which makes them veritable beacon lights in the province of the short story. Poe’s weird tales are alive in a manner that few others can ever hope to be.”

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Linda Barone is Assistant Professor of English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Salerno, Italy. She has published on English for Specific Purposes, corpus-driven and corpus-based approaches applied to language teaching and to text and genre analysis, on literary linguistics, literary translation and audiovisual translation. Her works about Edgar Allan Poe include The Fall of the House of Poe: Language, Style and other Issues in the Translation of Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Stories into Italian (2015), Ambiguità di genere e identità in The Tell-Tale Heart di Edgar Allan Poe: una proposta di traduzione (2014) and Eureka di Edgar Allan Poe. Letteratura o Scienza? (2012).

Alfonso Amendola is Assistant Professor of Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes at the University of Salerno, Italy. His main research interests deal with history and sociology of media, technological innovation in artistic experimentation, innovative cultures, and mass consumption cultures.

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Alfonso Amendola

Paola Attolino

Vincenzo Del Gaudio

Mariateresa Franza

Christiana Gregoriou

Iain Halliday

Daniela Liguori

C. Bruna Mancini

Sara Matetich

Eriberto Russo

Bruna Di Sabato

Mario Tirino

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