Women in Art and Literature Networks: Spinning Webs

This book examines the place of women in art and literature from the 19th century to the present day, whether as artists, critics or collectors. It centers on the concept of the network, as a possible point of entry for women into cultural circles long seen as male territories. Within the framework of feminist history and gender studies, the book looks at the careers of salonnières, gallery owners, editors and all types of artists, in Europe and in the USA. They may be famous (Carolee Schneemann) or less so (Yvonne Serruys), they may or may not have been openly feminist, but they have all used networking as a strategy to defend their artistic choices or their vision of the world, as well as to help and support one another.

Marianne Camus is Professor Emerita in English Literature at the University of Burgundy, France. She works on the relationship between aesthetics and ideology with regards to class and gender. She is the author of Women’s Voices in the Fiction of Elizabeth Gaskell (2002) and Gender and Madness in the Novels of Charles Dickens (2003) as well as a number of articles in both French and English on Gaskell, Barrett Browning, Woolf and Lessing, among others.

Valérie Dupont is Senior Lecturer at the University of Burgundy, France. She is interested in the history of primitivism, art in the 1930s, women artists and contemporary art. Her most recent articles have focused on the link between textile and art and on the monumental in Rachel Whiteread’s work. She has edited two issues of the journal of contemporary art Hors d’œuvre: “Monumental” (2013) and “Art et artisanat” (2016).

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