Fashion through History: Costumes, Symbols, Communication (Volume II)

This book arises from an international conference held at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, in May 2015, and it includes papers by important Italian scholars of fashion. It is dedicated to one of the main indicators of social change, fashion, analysed within different scientific fields, historical periods, and geographical areas.

This volume deals with issues of economy and fashion, copyright, industrial designs, trademarks, trade secrets, and patents, as well as new communication devices and strategies in the era of increasing globalization and market integration. Contributions analyze fashion blogs, fashion communication strategies, relations between fashion and technology, social media, grass-roots communication, social and cultural aspects of digital technologies, mobile fashion applications, and the dynamic fashion system in the virtual world. Visual identification symbols of fashion details, such as the Catalan hat or the Basque beret, the concept of “Made in Italy” and its success in the world, and new materials and technological innovations are also explored.

Giovanna Motta is a Full Professor of Modern History at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. She researches the transformation of European society, with particular focus on the modernisation of the economy in the Flemish area, Mediterranean dynamics, social mobility, and gender history. Her recent publications include La moda si fa storia (2016).

Antonello Biagini is a Full Professor of Eastern European History. He has been a member of the Italian National Research Council and a consultant of the Historical Office of the Italian Army General Staff. His interests include the history of the Balkans, Russia and Central-Eastern Europe and he is the author of numerous articles and books, including The First World War: Analysis and Interpretation (2015).

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