Practice and Theory for Materials Development in L2 Learning

This volume represents a unique addition to the growing body of empirical literature on materials development, adopting a reverse approach to the topic. Rather than applying ‘theory to practice’, practitioners and researchers from 11 countries reappraise applied linguistics theories through practice. The book also provides evidence for the diversity of materials development around the globe at different levels for different specialities and for different purposes.

Each chapter surveys the relevant literature (such as task-based learning and language and culture), describes a specific research project, reports the results of the project, and discusses the implications of these results for the development of materials both in the local context and in general.

After each section there are editorial comments highlighting the issues emerging from the research, and there is a conclusion which connects the findings of the various chapters and makes suggestions both for future research and for the principled development of materials for L2 learners.

The book will be suitable for teachers, materials developers, academics and students in post-graduate courses in applied linguistics, in TEFL/TESOL and in the teaching of other languages as an L2.

Dr Hitomi Masuhara is Director of the MA in Applied Linguistics and the MA in TESOL programmes at the University of Liverpool, UK, and Secretary of the Materials Development Association. She has worked in Japan, Oman, Singapore and the UK, and her publications include journal articles, book chapters and books, such as Materials and Methods in ELT (with Jo McDonough and Christopher Shaw, 2013), Research for Materials Development in Language Learning (2010), and Developing Language Course Materials (with Brian Tomlinson, 2004). Her main interests include neural language learning, second language acquisition, teaching methodology, intercultural communication, materials development, and teacher development.

Dr Freda Mishan is Course Director of the TESOL PhD programme at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Her publications in the field of materials development include Materials Development for TESOL (2015) and Designing Authenticity into Language Learning Materials (2005), two co-edited books, and chapters in recent volumes such as Developing Materials for Language Teaching. She is also editor of the Materials Development Association journal, Folio. Her other research interests and publications include blended learning and problem-based Learning.

Brian Tomlinson is an Honorary Professor of the University of Liverpool, UK, and a TESOL Professor at Anaheim University, USA. He has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, football coach and university academic in Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, the UK, Vanuatu and Zambia, and has given presentations in over sixty countries. In 1993, he founded the Materials Development Association, of which he is now President. His publications include Discover English (with Rod Bolitho); Openings; Materials Development in Language Teaching; Research for Materials Development in Language Learning (with Hitomi Masuhara); and Blended Learning in ELT: Course Design and Implementation (with Claire Whittaker), among others.

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