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Social Media in Asia: Changing Paradigms of Communication

As part of the advocacy of the Asian Congress for Media and Communication (ACMC) to promote regional studies in global academic discourse, this book contributes to a better understanding of social media within the context of Southeast Asian countries, with the addition of Sri Lanka. The contributors here are primarily Asian academics and practitioners, immersed in the fields of media and communication.

Throughout the chapters, the reader will discover that social media has changed the paradigm of communication in the region: as an avenue for free expression; as a tool for news gathering and news distribution; as an aid in crime prevention; and even as a means to find a lifelong partner. For non-Asian readers, there is also an annex that provides a summary of social media statistics in the region to allow the countries mentioned in this book to be situated within the global context.

Azman Azwan Azmawati is an Associate Professor at the School of Communication at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, where she served as Journalism Chairperson, Deputy Dean (Academic) and Deputy Dean (Research). She is also the President of the Asian Congress for Media and Communication (ACMC), and holds a PhD in Economic Journalism from USM and a Masters in International Relations from Boston University, USA. Prior to her academic work, she was a business journalist at The New Straits Times Group Malaysia. She is also on the Board of the Centre for Research on Women and Gender (KANITA) and has authored several books on communication education.

Rachel E. Khan is an Associate Professor of Journalism at the College of Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines, where she is currently serving another term as Chair of the Journalism Department. She holds an MS in Journalism from Columbia University, USA, and a BS in Economics from the University of the Philippines. Prior to joining the academe, she was a multi-award-winning journalist working for BusinessWorld, a leading business daily in the Philippines. She is also the author of several textbooks on media literacy and journalism.

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