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Twenty-First Century Leadership for EU Institutions

This book explores the type of leadership needed to transform EU Institutions to allow them to truly serve Europe’s people. Our world today calls for leaders who are connected to themselves, know how to unleash the potential of others and build organisations that serve people’s needs, and are stewards of society. The path towards transformation is not just about learning another trick or method, it is an inward journey each of us must undertake. We search to first recognise our best self and then give ourselves to lead our lives in service of a bigger purpose. The prioritising of serving others leads to a conscious choice of one aspiring to lead. In turn, others will experience this inspiration at all levels, learning to lead as servants. This timeless concept is what Robert Greenleaf referred to when he coined the term “servant-leadership” in 1970. This book not only gives insights into the servant-leadership philosophy, but also offers real-life interviews with twelve EU civil servants, including Herman van Rompuy, former President of the European Council. Their stories illustrate that servant-leadership is manifesting inside EU institutions already, independent of background and function level. Servant-leadership offers a unique opportunity to empower EU professionals in facing the challenges of the 21st century and helping the EU to serve its citizens better.

Dr Ronald de Bruin is Director of the COST Association – European Cooperation in Science and Technology, and has over 20 years of experience in the European multi-stakeholder innovation arena. He previously served as Director of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and as Head of Department of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). For almost eight years, he played a key role in and managing and setting up these European Union agencies from scratch. He has also authored several books on servant-leadership, digital television, online consumer trust, and computer security. He holds a PhD in Law and Computer Science, an MSc in Technology Management and a BSc in Electronic Engineering.

Sebastian Prieto Tovar received his Master’s in Business Administration from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2017 and his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from IE Business School, Spain, in 2014. In 2015, he pursued the opportunity to join a project in the entrepreneurial world for a Rocket Internet start-up, where he developed his knowledge in international recruitment, as well as working in the development and expansion of the Spanish market. In 2016, he started working for the HR department at Nike, before joining Uber’s recruitment team.

Dr Derek Pelland is the Director of the Leadership Academy at College du Leman, Switzerland. He has more than ten years of teaching experience with schools in the USA and Europe, along with partnership projects in Nepal and India. His formal education includes a BA in Education Psychology and teaching certification from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA, and a Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Change and a doctorate in Organisational Leadership from Pepperdine University, USA.

"This is the first book bringing together the stories of leading European civil servants examining how these leaders truly serve European people. The book is engaging and a welcome addition to the many publications on leadership. [...] What are the takeaways for readers? First of all, the book provides an important roadmap for future leaders, to consider her or his desirable professional path from an inner motivation to serve. Secondly, the authors offer a guide for a broad audience to maximize their potential. It will be an exciting read for students and professionals interested in sustainable EU leadership and beyond. [...] I highly recommend ‘Twenty-First Century Leadership for EU Institutions’.... The inspiring showcases how servant-leadership is executed on a European level will familiarize readers with leadership dilemmas in the EU. As a result, the book represents meaningfulness for the next generation of European leaders, and might truly lead us toward a more sustainable Europe."

Dr Sylvia van de Bunt Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Derek Pelland

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