Sophistes: Plato’s Dialogue and Heidegger’s Lectures in Marburg (1924-25)

Heidegger’s philosophy has an extraordinarily complex relationship to Plato. Heidegger sees Plato as the founder of that Western metaphysics which he claims should be overcome. However, his interpretation of Plato, upon which his reconstruction of the history of philosophy rests, is anything but incontestable from a philological point of view, and has generated much criticism. This criticism, however, has been hampered by the fact that the only example in Heidegger’s work of a detailed analysis of a Platonic dialogue, namely the Lectures on Plato’s Sophist held in Marburg in 1924–25, remained unpublished until 1992. Thus, only in the last twenty years have scholars been able to develop a more nuanced understanding of Heidegger’s interpretation of Plato. Even then, however, the focus has been primarily on the importance of the lectures for Heidegger’s own thought. The possible impact of Heidegger’s interpretation on the study of Platonic philosophy itself has been neglected. This volume, therefore, offers a critical re-evaluation of Heidegger as an interpreter of Plato.

Diego De Brasi is Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Marburg, Germany. His main research interests are Plato’s political thought and the poetics of the dialogue form, Judaic-Hellenistic literature, ancient biology and Patristic anthropology. He is the author of L’immagine di Sparta nei dialoghi platonici. Il giudizio di un filosofo su una (presunta) pólis modello (2013) and the editor, with Sabine Föllinger, of Anthropologie in Antike und Gegenwart. Biologische und philosophische Entwürfe vom Menschen (2015).

Marko J. Fuchs is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bamberg, Germany. His areas of specialization are ethics (with a particular focus on classical, mediaeval and modern theories of justice, action theory, and classical and modern theories of friendship), classical philosophy of self, metaphysics, classical and mediaeval Aristotelianism, and history of philosophy. He is the author of Sum und cogito – Grundfiguren zeitlichen Selbstseins bei Augustinus und Descartes (2010) and Gerechtigkeit als allgemeine Tugend. Die Rezeption der aristotelischen Gerechtigkeitstheorie im Mittelalter und das Problem des ethischen Universalismus (2016).

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