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Atomization or Integration? Transborder Aspects of Multipedagogy

This volume represents the result of cooperation between representatives of different academic disciplines, particularly researchers dealing with multiculturalism, cross-cultural education, civil education, penitentiary pedagogy in the context of global and European cultural and demographic transformations, and ethnopedagogues, sociologists and historians. The contributors here are united by a common interest in cross-border interpretations of cultural differences within pedagogical and social discourse. As such, the book presents in-depth and versatile reflections on the current ways of conceptualising multiculturalism as expressed across Europe. Each chapter includes a conclusion indicating the areas in which the respective study will have a particular impact. The book will be of interest to experts, practitioners and teachers dealing with multicultural issues; penitentiary tutors and authorities working with foreign prisoners; theoreticians of contemporary pedagogical discourse involving cultural, sociological and political issues; and the general reader attentive to processes of European integration and their related aspects, including cultural diversity, globalization, and religious radicalization.

Professor Alicja Szerląg is Senior Lecturer at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, where she is also Head of the Institute of Pedagogy and Chair of the Social Pedagogy Department. Her scientific and research interests include the axiology of upbringing, multiculturalism and cross-cultural education, civil education in culturally diverse societies, education at higher education institutions, and cultural aspects of resocialization. A member of numerous editorial boards of recognized and prestigious journals, she is also the author of over 80 articles and monographs in both Polish and English. She is a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Committee for Pedagogic Sciences, Division of Intercultural Education and Pedagogy of Culture and Editor-in-Chief of Multicultural Studies journal.

Dr Justyna Pilarska holds a PhD in Social Science, and is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Wroclaw, Poland. The co-founder of the journal Multicultural Studies, she specializes in cross-cultural education, intercultural methodology and Bosnian multiculturalism. She is also the author of a monograph on contemporary Bosnian identity and over 30 articles tackling the issues of multiculturalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She conducts research projects applying qualitative strategies, including cross-cultural approach.

Dr Arkadiusz Urbanek holds a PhD in Humanities, and is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Wroclaw, Poland. He is an expert in community work and legal aspects of organizing social welfare. His academic interests encompass intercultural communication, penitentiary pedagogy, and the status of foreigners within the judicial system. The author of four books and over 40 scientific articles, he co-founded the Wroclaw branch of the Polish Penitentiary Association. He is also a member of the Polish Society of Mental Hygiene, a co-founder of the journal Multicultural Studies, and a coach of Prison Service staff.

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Ziad Abou Saleh

Marek Bochiany

Drewski Bruno

Ewa Dawidejt-Drobek

Wieslaw Drobek

M. Galent

Kamila Gandrecka

Vilija Grinceviciene

Slawomir Grzesiak

Funda Gunsoy

Monika Humeniuk-Walczak

Barbara Ja?czak

Inese Jurgena

Joanna Karczewska

Alicya Kerlog

Urszula Markowska-Manista

Aldona Nawoj-Sleszynski

Jeny Nikitonowicz

Barbara Pasamonik

Paulina Perska

Dzemal Sokolovic

Tomasz Stefaniuk

M. T

Vilija Targamadze

Adnan Tufekeie

Mariusz Turowski

Arkadiusz Urbanek

Emilia Zylkiewicz-Plonska

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