Misconceptions in Science Education: Help Me Understand

How do we make sense of our world? How does giving an immediate, intuitive response impact its quality, what are its features, and how is this related to misconceptions?

Who is afraid of misconceptions? Despite cognitive ability and information being accessible like never before, learners often provide incorrect, intuition-based responses to science and mathematics questions.

Based on comprehensive research, combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies, this book suggests a paradigm shift into an “empathic space” in which students, elementary and middle school, pre-service teachers and researchers can utilize misconceptions as a learning tool.

The book follows the cathartic “Aha!” moment, in which the learner understands the source of his incorrect response, as the researcher re-discovers the chief role of the facilitator teacher within the process of creating knowledge is based upon empathic human interaction.

Ilana Ronen received her PhD in Science Education from Tel-Aviv University. She headed the Honors Program and the Science specialization at Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and The Arts, where she also established service learning projects based on learning communities and led changes in the practice of pre-service students, in line with the PDS model. Her research brings together misconceptions in science education; ICT implementation and teacher training, all aimed at professional development in education.

“The book presents an original way to empower science education by changing role of the teacher in the ICT age – a must for science teacher educators and for science teachers.”
Professor Shlomo Back
Kaye Academic College of Education, Israel

“[This is a] promising take on the role of instructors in the 21st century and their relationship with the new generations of learners in the field of science.”
Dr Bernard Montoneri
Associate Professor, National Chengchi University, China

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