Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage

Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Heritage represent a combination that for several years has interested both scientific and cultural institutions regarding the potential of possible interactions and aggregations among the various players in these areas. This volume defines roles and provides connections where research and new technologies can suggest routes and competitive solutions that integrate tourism and culture with business and the market.

The volume is multidisciplinary, presenting and discussing a variety of new ideas, resulting from the integration of different scientific approaches. The papers brought together here deal with topics including the representation of cultural history, semantic digital archives, the use of analytic tools to support visitor interpretation, augmented reality, and robotics. As such, this book represents the detailed investigation of methodological and applicative aspects that the continued proliferation of computer applications in the cultural heritage field demands.

Luciana Bordoni is a Researcher in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. Her research involves interdisciplinary collaboration spanning science and technology, and she has extensive experience in information system development and the application of information science and technology to cultural heritage. She is responsible for Italian Association for the Artificial Intelligence working group “Cultural Heritage”.

Francesco Mele is Researcher in Semantic Multimedia and Computational Cognitive models at the Italian National Research Council, where he is also responsible for the Semantic Multimedia and Cognitive Multimodal Systems Laboratory in the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems. He also teaches Semantic Multimedia at the Faculty of Science and Technologies of the Parthenope University of Naples and Semiology of Cinema at the University Institute Martucci of Salerno, Italy. He has been engaged in several research projects concerned with human-computer interaction, natural language processing, and semantic multimedia.

Antonio Sorgente is a Researcher at the Semantic Multimedia and Cognitive Multimodal Systems Laboratory in the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems of the National Research Council of Italy. His research interests concern knowledge representation, natural language processing, dialogue systems, and text mining. He is a member of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence and the Italian Association for Computational Linguistics.

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Francesco Mele

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