Constructing Legal Discourses and Social Practices: Issues and Perspectives

Over recent decades, legal language and its representation of social action, social actors and social practices have provided systematic insights into the meaning and function of text, discourse or talk realised in academic, professional and institutional sites of communication, and generated a variety of data for analysis, method and theory.

Constructing Legal Discourses and Social Practices, the first issue of the Legal Discourse and Communication international series, looks descriptively and interpretatively at the realised forms of legal discourse and how these are framed and organised by social practices within distinctive sites of legal communication. The four main parts of the book provide a broad coverage of key issues and perspectives arising from a variety of genres (spoken, as well as written) employed in institutional, professional and organisational communication of the law, and bring into focus recent research where language and law play out in the real world.

This invaluable book is multi-dimensional and multi-perspectival in its design and implementation, and will be an essential reference for those researching and working in the areas of applied linguistics and for postgraduate students.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "Legal Discourse and Communication", here.

Girolamo Tessuto is Associate Professor of English, Linguistics and Translation at the Department of Law at the University of Naples 2, Italy, where he is Director of the Centre for Research in Language and Law (CRILL). He also teaches in the Department of Law at the University of Naples Federico II, and in the Department of Medicine at the University of Naples 2. His research interests in applied linguistics include text and (critical) discourse analysis of academic, professional and institutional genres in legal contexts; pragmatics; (legal) translation and interpreting; EAP and ESP theories and applications; and combining qualitative and quantitative analytical, as well as corpus-linguistics, approaches. His areas of interests extend to language and discourse of healthcare and medicine, including analyses of different Web-mediated genres. His published academic work includes research monographs and several publications appearing as research papers, book chapters, co-edited volumes and book reviews. In addition to his membership in several academic and professional associations, including the CLAVIER research unit (Milan), he is a member of the editorial boards of various international English linguistics journals.

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