Frontiers in Neuroethics: Conceptual and Empirical Advancements

Neuroethics is a recent field of study with an increasingly widening scope. More than any other, such a discipline could act as a central aggregator for the new knowledge on human beings that is emerging from contemporary neuroscience and its very relevant ethical, social and legal implications.

This volume provides an updated overview of the theoretical perspectives and empirical research related to neuroethics. The eight chapters offer a cross-section of a lively debate that will surely serve as the focus of scientific, cultural, and political reflection in years to come.

Andrea Lavazza is a Research Fellow at the Centro Universitario Internazionale, Arezzo, Italy. His research interests are focused on the intersections of philosophy of mind, moral philosophy, and cognitive sciences, including cognitive neuroscience and genetics. He is one of the leading Italian experts in Neuroethics, which he helped introduce in Italy. Lavazza has published papers in several international journals, and has written and edited eleven books.

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Matteo Cerri

Marco Fasoli

Manuela Fumagalli

Marcello Ienca

Johann Roland Kleinbub

Giulio Mecacci

Alessio Plebe

Alberto Priori

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