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Trauma Treatment: Factors Contributing to Efficiency

This book investigates the factors that contribute to the efficiency of psychological trauma treatment. Experts in the field explore the mechanisms of acute and interpersonal trauma, including partner violence, childhood abuse, elder abuse, natural disasters and war. New research investigates the characteristics of professional and non-professional helpers, victims and perpetrators, and the relationships between them, while crucial analyses shed light on the specific factors that influence the effectiveness of different interventions and psychotherapies. The question, ‘can specific forms of psychological help be tailored to heal different kinds of trauma?’ offers a centre-point for the volume. As such, it represents an important contribution to understanding the factors that contribute to the healing of the mental and physical manifestations of psychological trauma.

Agnieszka Widera-Wysoczańska holds a doctorate in Psychology from Silesian University (Poland). She prepared her doctorate during an internship at the University of Saskatchewan. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Psychology of Wroclaw University and Lecturer at the University of Zielona Gora. She has published numerous articles in psychology journals and several books on the therapy of childhood trauma, on attachment in dysfunctional families, on the transmission of risk factors of familial sexual abuse, and on the lifetime prevalence of psychosomatic symptoms after abuse. She is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in the European Psychotherapy Association, a consultant specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of children from dysfunctional families, and a supervisor in violence prevention and the treatment of post-traumatic stress. She has developed a number of educational and therapeutic developmental programs and conducts courses for professionals in the area of interpersonal childhood trauma. Dr Widera-Wysoczańska has also run a psychotherapy group for victims of complex interpersonal childhood trauma since 1987.

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Anna Bokszczanin

Marily Korzekwa

Alicja Kuczynska

Alicja Strzelecka-Lemiech

Agnieszka Widera Wysoczańska

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