Basics of Animal Communication: Interaction, Signalling and Sensemaking in the Animal Kingdom

This volume represents a short, yet systematic introduction to the topic of “animal communication”, in a way that blends natural sciences and humanities into a multidisciplinary approach. It is structured in a way that allows students and teachers in this field to employ it as a useful pedagogical tool, and it is written with a style that is clear and engaging. A glossary of difficult terms and a rich bibliography are also available, altogether making Basics of Animal Communication very informative reading.

Professor Dario Martinelli is Director of the International Semiotics Institute, Full Professor at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, and Adjunct Professor at the Universities of Helsinki and Lapland. He has published 11 monographs and more than a hundred among edited collections, studies and scientific articles. His books include Arts and Humanities in Progress: A Manifesto of Numanities (2016), Lights, Camera, Bark! – Representation, semiotics and ideology of non-human animals in cinema (2014), A Critical Companion to Zoosemiotics: People, Paths, Ideas (2010), and Of Birds, Whales and Other Musicians – An Introduction to Zoomusicology (2009). In 2006, he was knighted by the Italian Republic for his contribution to Italian culture.

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