Philosophy of Language

This book brings together some of the research presented at the 4th Weber Graduate Philosophy Conference held at San Diego State University in October of 2014. The theme of the conference was Philosophy of Language, and included any research in progress or completed. Presenters and participants from all over the country and the world were invited to take part in the two-day event. The contributions to this volume include research on Wittgenstein’s Proposition, self-directed irony, and an analysis of metaphors, in addition to much more. As such, this collection of essays presents a glimpse of the diversity of research and questions being conducted in the field of the philosophy of language. The book will appeal to both experienced scholars and anyone starting research in the field.

Brian Thomas received his Bachelor’s in Philosophy from San Diego State University in 2013, and is currently a Master’s student in Philosophy. His areas of research and interest include Wittgenstein’s private language argument, theories of meaning, and Kripke’s Naming and Necessity, in addition to the themes of Existentialism, specifically Kierkegaard’s conception of despair, Sartre’s bad faith, and Camus’ philosophy of the absurd. Brian has published an article on the relationship between Hegel’s dialectic and Kierkegaard’s stages of life in Dialogue: The Journal of Phi Sigma Tau, and is active in the Philosophy Department at San Diego State, where he has held various officer positions in Phi Sigma Tau and the Philosophy Club.

“An exciting volume on the philosophy of language written and produced by the next generation of professional philosophers. Undergraduates and graduate students from the United States and abroad share their thoughts on what they consider the more pressing problems in the field and their respective solutions, offering a keen insight into the current state of the philosophy of language and where it is going.”
Steve Barbone
Associate Professor, San Diego State University; Editor-in-chief, Dialogue: The Journal of Phi Sigma Tau

“This nicely edited collection of student papers at once demonstrates the continuing importance of the philosophy of language and the promise of the next generation wrestling with the likes of Whorf, Chomsky, Wittgenstein, Grice, Szabó, Peirce, Strawson, and Walton. The smorgasbord of topics is delightful – propositions, slurs, concepts, irony, truth, metaphor, meaning – and the quality of thought worth savoring.”
Mark Wheeler
Associate Professor, San Diego State University

“This rich compilation of essays from the 4th Weber Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Language approaches long debated issues in a compelling and engaging way. Brian Thomas’ edited collection is recommended reading for all those interested in the nature of language.”
Robert Francescotti
Professor, San Diego State University

Corbin Casarez

Jordan Corner

Daivd Daise

Erlantz Etxeberria Altuna

Michael Fitzpatrick

Elis Miller

Robert Weston Siscoe

David Tamez

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