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Current Issues in Reading, Writing and Visual Literacy: Research and Practice

This volume brings together a collection of papers presented at the 2014 World Congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA), held in Brisbane, Australia, and represents current research and practice from across the globe related to reading, writing and visual literacy. Given that globalisation has resulted in an increase in the pursuit of second language (often English) literacy for those who want to enhance their access to better education and employment options, the development of literacy skills cannot be left to chance. This book explores current efforts to tease out the variables involved in the development of literacies, and will inform educators and teacher trainers of ways to improve classroom pedagogies and increase learner literacy competencies.

The volume will be of use to both new and seasoned researchers wishing to enhance their understanding of current and emerging perspectives in the development of literacies. It will also be of interest to language teachers and language policy makers as the papers address current issues in language education.

Dr Christina Gitsaki is an Associate Professor and Research Coordinator at the Center for Educational Innovation at Zayed University, UAE. Dr Gitsaki has previously served as the UNESCO Chair in Applied Research in Education, in addition to serving on the executive boards of a number of professional associations, such as the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia, the Gulf Comparative Education Society, and TESOL Arabia. She is currently the Secretary General of the International Association of Applied Linguistics, and has published extensively in second language acquisition and pedagogy, the use of educational technology in the second language classroom, teacher professional development, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Dr Melanie Gobert is a member of the General Education faculty at the Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE. She was Editor of Perspectives, the TESOL Arabia peer-reviewed English Language Teaching journal, from 2008–2014, and was a featured speaker at the 2nd World Congress on Extensive Reading held in Seoul, Korea, in 2014. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Composition, a Master’s in Applied Linguistics, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She was a judge for the Language Learner Literature Awards in 2014 and 2015, and has published and presented widely on reading, writing and vocabulary acquisition.

Helene Demirci is a member of the English Foundations faculty at Abu Dhabi Men’s College. She has taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at primary, secondary and tertiary levels for over 20 years in England, Turkey, and the UAE. Her interests lie in engaging students in extensive reading and technology integration. She has been involved in the implementation of an extensive reading program in Abu Dhabi Men’s College, and is currently serving as co-chair of the MENA-ERF. She holds an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Liverpool.

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Naif Althobaiti

Nayara de Barros

Helene Christina Demirci

Zohreh R. Eslami

Christina Gitsaki

Melanie Gobert

Yvonne Hallesson

Danica Kelly

Emmaline Lear

Huifang (Lydia) Li

Natsumi Okuwaki

Dudley Reynolds

Sunni Sonnenburg-Winkler

Pia Visén

Lee-Yen Wang

Gary Williams

Katherine Wright

Peiling Xing

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