Hermeneutics of Megaliths

Hermeneutics of Megaliths offers provocative and unique insights into the cultural interpretation of megaliths. While megalithic culture has been the subject of detailed study for a number of years, this book introduces a new cultural mode of interpretation that will help in gaining a greater understanding of this extremely important epoch of human history.

As this volume shows, the necessity behind the creation of megaliths is a result of the transition from natural selection to civilization. It also emphasizes the original purpose of megalithic constructions, such as dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs, and effigy mounds, analysing and exploring popular existing hypotheses. In addition, certain megalithic structures are shown to be scenes of primordial theatrical performances, with the struggle for survival beeing replaced by the symbolic combat of dance.

This book provides the reader with details of under-researched and lesser-known megaliths. It also explores the organic ties connecting megaliths’ origin, their history and their contemporary existence in various, sometimes rare, forms.

The main theoretical concepts of the book are illustrated by means of well-known and new material from a number of different cultures, giving the reader the opportunity to view a wide range of interesting photographs from Machu Picchu, Bulgaria, Gobekli Tepe, Stonehenge, and Korea. As such, this book will serve as useful and fascinating reading material for anyone with an interest in the field of cultural studies.

Konstantinos Maritsas was born in 1957 in Bulgaria. He has a Masters’ degree in Philosophy, in addition to a Masters’ degree in Engineering, and is the author of a number of philosophical treatises and research articles, which have been published in a number of countries around the world, including the USA, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Canada, India, and China. Konstantinos is also the author of Civilization and Natural Selection.

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