The Life, Art and Religious Iconography of David Wright

This book showcases the contribution Australian contemporary glass artist David Wright has made to Australian art and international glassmaking. From 1970 until 2014, David Wright produced hundreds of high quality art glass windows for Australian public, private and sacred spaces, including significant national churches, chapels, and synagogues, yet little scholarly research on the artist and his place in Australian art history exists. Including the first catalogue raisonné ever produced on the artist, combined with a close examination of his opus, his influences, manufacturing methods and personal history, this book demonstrates for the first time the extraordinary contribution David Wright made to Australian art and contemporary glassmaking.

The Revd Dr Peter A. French is Episcopal Chaplain at Princeton University, where he also teaches in the Program on Religion, Diplomacy and International Relations in the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy. An art historian, Dr French has written on the Bible and modern art, Australian religious iconography post-1945, and the Christian religious iconography of German artist Otto Dix.

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