Vistas of English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is one of the most needed forms of English Language Teaching with regards to the adult population in today’s global market economy where the English language is a prerequisite for the exchange and communication of professional ideas, best practices, and experiences, and a necessary skill for advancement in one’s career. This comprehensive volume brings together the most insightful papers from the First International Conference on Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes, titled “Connect and Share”, held at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering of the University of Niš, Serbia, in May 2013. The collection covers a diverse and extensive list of topics, and provides a number of invaluable contributions which prove the presence of ESP in all continents, and in many different professions, sciences, and businesses. Also of interest is the fact these papers highlight the interrelatedness of ESP and linguistics, the methodology of teaching, sociolinguistics, and a number of other fields relevant to the study and practice of languages. The chapters of this book prove that immense, original, creative and worthwhile research is being conducted in the ever-growing and increasingly relevant field of ESP. At the same time, the book also offers rich insights into many innovative teaching practices that justify ESP as an important area of academic study.

Nadežda Stojković is Lecturer of English Language at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at the University of Niš, Serbia. Her research interests include English for Specific Purposes, connections and influences among societal changes, and the relationship language and identity. She is the author of two textbooks on ESP and chapters in eight books, and acts as the Editor-in-Chief of a journal dedicated to ESP and EAP, which she also helped found.

"[T]he publication illustrates just some of many areas of enquiry under investigation in Eastern European countries, and yet it is a demonstration that an especially dynamic and committed, locally focused but globally dedicated ESP teaching community is beginning to earn international recognition. [...] What most contributors think is important, however, is to move the emphasis away from the literature review towards the applied side of ESP teaching, with a focus on sharing hands-on experience and reflections on particular game changers. ESP teachers and teacher trainers will certainly appreciate this choice and extend the details and scope of the activities, tasks and projects presented in the volume to cater for the specific needs of other specific learners."

Dr Silvia Cacchiani Research Fellow, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Iperstoria, 10 (2017)

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