Selected Readings in Applied Climatology

Over the last 40 years, applied climatologists have been producing increasingly sophisticated and insightful research which has led to the current level of recognition that climate and particularly climatic changes have important environmental, economic, and recreational impacts. Furthermore, as societal needs for optimizing the use of resources increase, applied climatology will continue to grow in importance. Selected Readings in Applied Climatology is a collection of academic-style vignettes of research over the past 40 years that represents the evolution of this important subfield, and, therefore, provides a framework for appreciating the impacts of climate on society. After an introductory editorial chapter placing the development of applied climatology in its historical context, the book is divided into topical sections on applied climatological research in atmospheric circulation variability; the biosphere; water and energy resources; agriculture; and human health, comfort and behavior. The final section includes a collection of essays on communicating climatic information to the public.

Selected Readings in Applied Climatology will be beneficial to those whose field of interest affects, and is affected by, climate, such as meteorologists, ecologists, water resource planners, energy demand forecasters, commodities brokers, agriculturalists, sociologists, and media consultants.

Dr Robert V. Rohli is Fred B. Kniffen Professor of Geography at Louisiana State University (LSU). He also serves as Coordinator for the Louisiana Geographic Education Alliance and as Faculty Director of the LSU Residential Colleges Program. His research and teaching interests within applied climatology are in hydroclimatology and synoptic-scale atmospheric circulation variability and its impacts. He also has broader research and teaching interests in physical geography, geography education, living-learning communities, and metacognition.

Dr T. Andrew Joyner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geosciences at East Tennessee State University. He has teaching and research experience in the fields of physical geography, applied climatology, spatial epidemiology, and geospatial analysis. The intersection of health, climate, and geography is of particular interest to Dr Joyner.

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