Practising the Good Life: Lifestyle Migration in Practices

This edited collection adds to the growing body of research on lifestyle migration with empirically grounded explorations focusing on a wide range of practices involved in living ‘the good life’. The volume brings together a variety of socio-geographical contexts—from Swedish ‘lifestyle movers’ in Malta, retired Britons and Germans in Spain, and seekers of the ‘rural idyll’ in the Iberian Peninsula, to expats in Nepal, North Americans in Ecuador and ‘utopian’ lifestyle migrants in Patagonia—to provide a broad spectrum of studies that provide insights into how the practices of lifestyle migration are (re-)produced and performed. Adopting a variety of methodological approaches, the contributions also reflect the interdisciplinary nature of current research into migration, with groundings in sociology, anthropology, human geography, cultural studies and linguistics.

The practice-based approach taken in this book explores a range of aspects and issues surrounding lifestyle-oriented mobilities by considering how these mobilities materialise in people’s everyday engagements, imaginations, identities, institutional articulations and international dynamics. The practices that are highlighted include: mobility practices; community-building practices, particularly as enacted in the new ‘cultural arenas’ provided by destination places; identity practices, including racialized practices and on-line practices; language practices; home-ownership practices, practices of home-making and belonging; alternative lifestyle and ‘spiritual’ practices; active ageing practices; leisure and work-related practices in rural contexts; and the (often mediated) practices sustaining what can be called a ‘lifestyle migration industry’.

Kate Torkington, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Management, Tourism and Hospitality of the University of the Algarve, Portugal. Her research takes a critical approach to exploring the relationships and interactions among discourse and language practices, identity, place and migration.

João Sardinha, PhD, is a Senior Researcher at the Centre of Migrations and Intercultural Relations Studies at the Open University in Portugal. He has carried out research on a variety of migration-related issues, including immigrant associations, second-generation return migration, lifestyle migration, transnationalism network building, and migrants and sports.

Inês David is a PhD candidate at Universidade NOVA in Lisbon, Portugal. Her research takes an anthropological approach to international mobilities by focusing on mediated self-representation and, particularly, the medium of radio.

"This collection of papers constitutes an interesting contribution to the study of "lifestyle migrations", a new type of mobility which has developed in recent decades and which is the subject of growing interest in social science research."

Françoise Cognard Université Clermont Auvergne Téoros: Revue de Recherche en Tourisme, 36:2 (2017)

Ulrika Akerlund

Charles Betty

Molly Clark-Barol

Marco Eimermann

Aude Etrillard

Sofia Gaspar

Kelly Hall

Matthew Hayes

Alesya Krit

Michelle Lawson

Casey McHugh

Roger Norum

Filipa Perdigao Ribeiro

Ieva Zebryte

Hugo Marcelo Zunino

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