Audiovisual Translation: Taking Stock

This book is an edited collection of papers dealing with some of the main issues in audiovisual translation (AVT) today. As the title indicates, it proposes to take stock of where the discipline stands and to speak of the opportunities and challenges that an ever-changing environment poses to those involved in the field, whether in teaching, researching or working professionally within the industry. The selection of papers provides a detailed overview of the multidisciplinary richness that characterises AVT by covering topics related to culture, linguistics and technology, among others, in various thematic and geographical contexts. All the main domains of AVT are explored—subtitling, dubbing, surtitling, accessibility to the media—and new directions are highlighted, showing how audiovisual translation is moving beyond its traditional settings.

Jorge Díaz Cintas is the Director of the Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS) at University College London. He is the author of numerous articles, special issues and books on audiovisual translation, and has served as Chief Editor of the Peter Lang series New Trends in Translation Studies since 2010. He is one of the directors of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation, a member of the international research group TransMedia, and a board member of the EU project LIND-Web.

Josélia Neves is a teacher of audiovisual translation at the Translation and Interpreting Institute of Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar. She has a personal interest in accessible communication, and has carried out numerous research projects on SDH, AD and multisensory communication in both educational and cultural contexts. She has published widely and is often invited to speak at international conferences. She is on the ESIST Board of Directors and is a member of the research group TransMedia.

"[T]this book is a most welcome addition to the existing body of research literature, shedding light on various AVT practices and research projects. Made up of sixteen articles, written by scholars and professionals from around the world, they are representative of the thematic variety that characterises the field of AVT today. [...] [T]he sixteen articles ... explore new avenues in AVT and constitute valuable food for thought for scholars and research students interested in the field. I highly recommend reading this collective book, not only because the way it is structured helps the readers to establish links between the articles, but also it adds value to the discipline and contributes to expand humanities scholarship."

Alejandro Bolaños García-Escribano University College London The Journal of Specialised Translation, 28 (2017)

"It is thanks to the long-lasting collaboration between Días Cintas and Neves that this latest book offers an overview of the latest research in the field of audiovisual translation, bringing together numerous essays that offer different perspectives in the analysis of the adaptation of scripts from their original versions to the target language. [...] The chapters of Audiovisual Translation: Taking Stock are linked together not only by the core content but also by an often shared bibliography which is updated with the most recent research. The reflections on the various aspects of audiovisual translation, which are favoured by the numerous examples given and contextualised within each chapter, stimulate the reader to broaden their analytical perspective because, as the editors say in the introduction, "the papers published in this volume speak of a rich and complex academic subject in the making and reflect the many crossroads and junctions it presently faces."

" Sara Corrizzato Iperstoria 6 (2015)

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