Representations of Female Identity in Italy: From Neoclassism to the 21st Century

This volume explores a variety of iconic female characters in Italian literature, art and film who depict distinct representatives of female identity within this national culture.

The contributors here apply various methodologies to characterize the evolution of women’s identity and their representation in such expressive modalities, drawing from literature, film, drama, history, the humanities, media and cultural studies.

Cross-genre, cross-cultural, and cross-national explorations are also utilised here in order to underline the multifaceted ways in which de facto female characterization occurred.

Silvia Giovanardi Byer is Professor of Modern Languages at Park University, USA, where she serves as Program Coordinator of the Modern Language program and Chair for the English and Modern Language Department. She received her PhD in Romance Languages from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA. Her research interests vary from Italian Renaissance literature to language acquisition. She has authored one book, Celestial Crusades and Wars in Heavens (2009), as well as various manuals and articles.

Fabiana Cecchini is Instructional Assistant Professor in the Department of International Studies, at Texas A&M University, USA. She received a Laurea in Lingue e Letterature Straniere (English and French) from the Università di Urbino, Italy, and a PhD in Italian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Her main scholarly interests include women’s studies, Italian fiction and poetry, Italian cinema, and the relationship between film and literature. Her publications include Italian Women and Autobiography. Ideology, Discourse and Identity in Female Life Narratives from Fascism to the Present (2011).

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Pia Bertucci

Fabiana Cecchini

Melinda Cro

Valeria Federici

Anna Chiara Mariani

Elisa Modolo

Silvia Tiboni-Craft

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